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Their Love Story

WARNING: Explicit abuse and murder content.

A/N: Was listening to this when I came out with this plot. Enjoy!

Giving Taemin a peck on his right cheek before dinner starts was like any other routine they had ever since they move in together. It used to be full of lovely gazes, but now it just seems like an empty shell of greeting. Eating silently as they face each other, it was nothing close to a happy dinner. hearing the man opposite her throwing the metal chopsticks on the table and spat out the rice she cooked, she stayed still in her seat. Trembling in her oversize shirt, Minji didn't even get to have a taste of her food before Taemin pulled her roughly towards their room, leaving the messy dining table behind. Taemin's tight hold on her wrist will just be another bruise she has among the rest.

It's funny how she used to be so perfect in his eyes but now she is just another ragged toy. With a busted lower lip and black right eye added on to the purple bruises covering her whole body, whatever Taemin has in plan for her tonight was nothing surprising anymore. Throwing her on the bed, he swiftly climb over and gave her a hard slap. She was not even given a chance to recover before he chokes her. Trying to resuscitate herself, she tried to pull his hands away from her neck while struggling for air. Showing her desperation to stay alive, Minji flails her legs which accidentally kick Taemin directly at his chest. That action made him loosen the hold on her neck as he was pushed back from the impact.

Taking in a deep breathe of oxygen to get her vision back into place, she holds her neck to ease herself from the suffering Taemin gave her. However, she barely manage to gain herself fully before Taemin return with a new sense of vigour and anger. She was unable to comprehend his next action when she felt herself fold over as her breath left her lips from the hard punch that Taemin just gave her. Multiple punches followed after and one hit her directly at her head throwing her off from the bed to the floor. Unfortunately, the violence was just getting started. Minji felt Taemin towering over her before he took out the belt from his jeans and tie it around hands before giving it a pull as a preview of what he was intending to do.

Smirking at her, Taemin let loose of the hold on the belt and swing it high enough before bringing it down with much force and speed that Minji felt a burn on her lower back. Arching her back in pain, she hold onto the crumpled bed sheets as if it was her second life. As the belt came in contact with her skin countlessly, she felt her grasp on the sheets start to loosen as she lay motionlessly on the floor to receive countless hits Taemin gave her, a feat that has become a routine the past 4 months. She was on her brink of sanity and the least she could do is leave but here she was, staying and hoping that the man she once loved would change.

She bit her lips hard to hold her pain from the beatings that a metallic taste starts to replace the saliva in her mouth. Hoping that it would be over soon, Minji felt her limp body being pulled and thrown again on the bed before she heard the sound of a zipper coming down followed by the sound of soft thud on the floor nearby. The dip on the bed already proves so much on what will happen to her next and as expected Taemin was on top of her eyeing her. It was just like any other night, he started 'making love' to her. Rough and forceful at first before he slowly does it gently and kisses the bruises that he left on her earlier. Her mind could barely take in how times they did that before he fell beside her and fall asleep hugging her.

Still awake from the violent activity, she knew that Taemin would be awake looking for a drink in the middle of the night so she prepared herself for that moment to prevent him from hitting her again. It took him another 2 hours of sleep before he woke up looking for a drink. Pushing her roughly to urge her to get him a drink, Minji slowly limped from the bed and drag herself towards the kitchen. It took her quite a while to reach the kitchen but she only manage to get the glass when she heard hard footsteps behind her. Before she knew it, she felt her head hit the kitchen counter and the glass that she was holding broke into huge sharp pieces on the floor as she felt blood oozing out from her forehead.

She heard Taemin cursing at how slow she is before he stepped over her to take a new glass and head to the fridge himself, taking out the bottle half full mineral water left in the fridge, Taemin poured himself a glass and swallow it down fast in thirst, all the while scrutinizing Minji. She just look at him in return and before he could pour himself another glass, she saw him hold onto his neck in pain. He tried to reach out for her in panic but end up falling to the floor on top of the previously broken glass right in front of her. Laying in front of her, he hold onto her for life and tries to get her to help him and she did exactly as requested. Taking one of the broken glass on the floor, she stabbed him right at his heart as he watch her doing so in a weak state. Doing the action multiple times till she felt him laid motionless on the floor, Minji stopped and cried her heart out.

Even when her hand was bleeding from the deep cut of holding the broken glass tightly, it was not as painful as her broken mental state but worst of all, her heart. Touching Taemin's face with her bloody hand, she bawled out crying. Apologising continuously for killing her lover with poison and then stabbing him,  Minji laughed at the irony of how she wanted him dead yet now here he was laying unconscious in front of her and she wants him to come back to life. She was too weak to even move considering the amount of blood she have loss, so she chose to just lay on top of him and close her eyes. Unknowingly, it was also the last time she breathes as her dead body lays on top her lover's, both their blood mixed together on the floor and slowly encircling the dead couple..

Letting out a huge sigh, Kai ends the story and saves the file before closing his notebook. Working as a journalist, he would have to send his story to the editor later today to do the editing and make a decision if his story would make a cut on the headlines for tomorrow. However, that was the least of his concern. Taking a sip of his coffee, he look out the cafe and made a mental note to drop by both his childhood friend's graves over the weekend. It has been two weeks since their devastating death, that was termed as suicide by the authorities but Kai knew better. Silently giving his well-wishes, he hopes that they are both living a better life in heaven.