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Missing Her

A/N: I love this song so much and I was contemplating if I should make Junsu the other character but decide to just go with the flow instead. I hope it's not disappointing.

Yoochun look at Junsu who was torn apart. He didn't mean it but no matter how many times he apologize, nothing can replace what he have done to Junsu or rather what he have wanted him to be. Junsu can never be the person Jimin was ever was to him. If there was anything that he ever tried in the relationship the past 6 months was to try and change Junsu into his ex, something that Jimin will always be in him, a trait of a perfect girlfriend that was engraved in his heart forever. The way Jimin calls him, the way she cooks for him or greet him when they meet as well as the way they snuggle to each other. All are never the same when it comes to Junsu.

Even when there were times that they argue, he unintentionally blurt out those hurtful feelings that was between him and Jimin instead. A past that Junsu does not know of, a hurtful yet memorable past to him which he have tried to revive again and again despite failing. After seeing those shock expressions of Junsu's during their first argument slowly turn to those of frustrations in the recent arguments, Yoochun could only conclude that Junsu have caught on his act. The guilty act of trying to make his boyfriend the person that he can never be.

So when one day, he step into the shared home to see some of the items missing in the living room, he knew that he is going to lose another partner again. Walking slowly towards the bedroom that both him and Junsu shared, he half expected his partner to be gone but there he was, Junsu showing his back to him, the same back that reminded him of Jimin. As he slowly pack his items into the luggage that was close to full, Yoochun had no idea how to approach him and suddenly, it felt like he is meeting Junsu for the first time again. The feelings of awkwardness slowly creeping to him.

"Junsu ah.."

"Oh.. Chun." he said calmly as he packs his things.

"Are you...?" he asked cowardly without finishing his sentence.

"Leaving? It's what you want isn't it?" Junsu replied without looking at him as he continues packing the last bits of his belongings.


"It's ok, you don't need to explain." he replied as he close the luggage and zip it.

Without saying a word, Junsu brought his luggage down from the bed and pull up the handle before he walks away to the living room, walking pass Yoochun. Unconsciously, he tagged along at Junsu's relaxed footsteps towards the door before pulling his free wrist from opening the door. He look at Junsu awkwardly before letting go of the hands that he just took hold of.

"We could still meet for coffee right?" Yoochun asked.

"You didn't even ask me to stay Chun." Junsu turned to look at him this time with tears in his soft almond eyes.

"I'm sorry." Yoochun looked away before he finds being himself pulled into those sad eyes.

"It's not like you can return me the past 6 months that you have hurt me." he heard Junsu's voice shivers.

"I'm sorry." he repeated knowing well how much he must have hurt him.

"Goodbye Yoochun. I hope you find someone who is willing to be her." he said with a slight sarcasm before walking out the door.

Yoochun could only feel apologetic. He knew he was wrong and he didn't give Junsu a chance to prove himself when he continuously compare the latter to his ex but he knew Junsu will get over it, unlike the weak him. As he stood facing the door, he knew that it will be another lonely night by himself, surrounded by the pain of the past and the present break up.

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that's the reason why a person should never enter a new relationship unless they have already moved on from past relationship or atleast willing to move on.
I wish it was longer ;A;
but hey, it's good :))

thank you. sorry for it being short though. I wouldn't know how else to continue..

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