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Surprise Valentine
A/N: I must be bored. Forgive me.

Yoochun was stuck in the office and since it was the day for couples, it was more depressing than any other days. He have had dates but none that could last him long enough for a relationship. It doesn't help that his best friend whom is also his room mate has a date with a girl that he has been after for awhile now. If he thinks about it, yes, Park Yoochun is jealous that even Junsu has a date. He is the resident player here yet on a day filled with so much love like this. He is lonely. So when he heard a knock on his office door, he was surprised to see Junsu standing behind the opened door.

"What are you doing here? Don't you have a date?" Yoochun asked.

"Well. I told her I was down with a bad case of flu."

"You were looking forward to this date with her for weeks and now you are ditching her?"

"I've got some of your favourite ice creams from TimeOut Gelato and some sappy love stories you like."

Yoochun look at Junsu as if his friend is crazy before a thought strikes him, "Oh no you didn't! You are doing this because you feel sad for me on this lonely Valentine's aren't you?"

"No! I just happen to have flu." Junsu said with a smile while pretending to have flu.

Yoochun caught on and then played along, "Fine, alright then. I'll get to choose the movie." Yoochun said before packing his stuff and left the desk.

"Hey, no! I get to choose!"

"I thought you were sick?"

"And here I was trying to be a good friend."

"First one that reach the elevator first get to call dibs on movies." Yoochun said as already running ahead of Junsu.

It may be a lonely Valentine between two men but Yoochun appreciates how Junsu cares for him more than he does himself. Especially ditching his date just to meet him, that's a true friend he has but a small part of him is happy Junsu stayed behind. After all, he doesn't need to let Junsu know of his inner feelings for his friend right?

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Aww Chunface, let him know how ur feeling ne?hihihi I bet Junsu share the same feeling too^^

^^ small baby steps towards Junsu's heart...

aww, I can't help to fall if my friend is also like that XD
goodluck in hiding your feeling chun~!

^^ being a sweet friend. probably he has feelings for chun too but just haven't figured it out. :)

Well, why not? If junsu thinks that yoochun is more important than his date maybe he has special feelings for his friend too.

Probably Yoochun needs to probe Su a little more to make him realize that.. *wink*

aayyy just tell him your feeling coward! i know Junsu feels the same too >v<
if the result you being bored is more fic to read then be bored always unnie~ >.< /runforyourliiiiiiiiiiiife/

hahaha.. this girl.. forever encouraging me to neglect my studies! hahaha

O_O it's way to short! LOL

I want sequel ! LOL

lol.. i was bored...

and no... you are another one to encourage me to neglect school...

bad bad unni!

How sweet of Junsu to spend the day with Yoochun.

^^ and 'ditch' his date as well..

Can I translate it into Vietnamese please?
I really love it ><
Promise that I'll take out with full credit for you
Hope you'll reply soon T.T

Hi! Sure.. go ahead! Why not? There's a couple of grammatical errors if you don't mind. Hwaiting in translating! And thank you for showing interest in it. :)

If I have time, can I translate another YooSu fic(s) you wrote please? *puppy eyes*

Ahhhh wish this is longerrrr!! Oh Yoochun omg....

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