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The Bet

Taemin had the day off from work and was meeting the rest in the office to have dinner together but he was surprised to see his bunch of friends gathering together as they whisper excitedly among themselves. Catching up with the them, he ran up to find out what was going on. Apparently, they were too excited enough to tell him of the situation. When they start to quiet down from all those noise, he tried asking them again.

"Hey guys, what's going on here?"

"Oppa! You're here! Aren't you on your day off? How was it?" Sulli asked, probably didn't notice his presence amidst the excitement.

"Yes I am, I'm joining you guys for dinner and yes, my day was terrific! What are you guys doing?" Taemin asked.

"Guys! She is approaching him!" Krystal squealed.

"Who is she? Approaching what?" Taemin asked and Jonghyun hyung push his face towards a scene between Jongin and his wife behind a glass door in the office.

"Oh yeah! Here we go, here we go..." Luhan hyung said.

"What? Huh?" Taemin managed to say but no one replied as they were all focused at both Jongin and Minji, so he does the same anyway.

Taemin saw his best friend who was facing them through the glass window talking to Minji who was backfacing them. He still had no idea what was going on but suddenly, he saw Jongin's face changed in split seconds from shock to disbelief and then happiness.

"Oh.. It's looking good!" Amber said in excitement.

She did it.. Minji unni did it!" Sulli's turn to squeal.

"Wait for it.. wait for it!!!" Key hyung said in anticipation.

There was dramatic silence among his bunch of friends and it was then that Taemin caught on. Not long after he discovered the exact situation, Jongin shouted from the office.

'I'M HAVING A BABY!' Jongin shouted out loud while hugging Minji tightly.

Taemin smiled at the discovery but was even more surprised that the rest started to fork out their dollar bills as they screamed in joy as well.

"Alright, pay up people! I told you she was pregnant!" Amber said with a smug while collecting from the rest of them alongside Jonghyun hyung.

Taemin could only shake his head at them, "You guys made a bet and didn't include me? What kind of friends are you?"

"You had an off day today man! Your loss!" Chanyeol said while giving up his dollar bill to the winners.

"It's not my fault that I just knew of this! Besides, I was gone for a day and Minji got pregnant?" Taemin said in disbelief.

From colleagues to friends and now a family, Taemin couldn't be any more happier about his best friends news. They are finally going to have the second child that Jongin ever wanted. He remember the days when Jongin would complain about Minji only caring for their son and how he always wanted a baby girl to pamper as well. As he celebrate and share the good news with the rest of them, suddenly they started getting noisy again.

"Shit! She's coming! MINJI'S COMING! SCRAM!" Jinki hyung frantically said as they all disperse in a flash.

"YOU GUYS MADE A BET ON THIS?! YOU'RE SO DEAD!" Minji said while storming her way angrily towards them with a laughing Jongin following behind her.

Since Taemin was not exactly involve in this whole betting business, he shouldn't have run away right? But he would rather save his sorry ass from Minji's wrath so he too, ran away like the rest. He would rather face Minji with the rest of them during dinner later.