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The Green Eyed Monster

Junsu ran from the van that he rode on just on time to see his Yoochun hugging a girl in his arms. They look so intimate that he wanted to pull him away from her but he knew better. He noticed that even their hands are intertwined and they are looking at each other so lovingly he was burning in anger. For once, Junsu felt the urge to head forward and pull the girl's hair from holding on to his boyfriend. In fact, he almost did if not for his manager that hold him back knowing how unhappy he was at the moment.

He hold himself back also because he has a reputation to keep considering that people's perception of him and the group wasn't that nice since the split from SM. It was not like he didn't know what people were talking about him behind his back despite the lawsuit being over. That was the past but coming back to the present, he had no idea how long he kept staring at their intimate scenes in anger until he heard the word he has been waiting for all this time.

"Okay! That's a wrap people! Everybody, you did a good a job!" the director shouted from his seat.

Did he mention that his boyfriend is currently starring in a rookie's MV? As unfortunate as it sounds, he is the lead actor alongside Han Ji Min noona. Everyone kept saying they are a compatible pair ever since Rooftop Prince and although Junsu is her huge fan, he could not help but be annoyed about it. It's not like he could blame the public for gushing on their compatibility, his relationship with Yoochun was kept hidden from them, in fact, they are only known to be good friends to outsiders. It was company's policy and also to protect themselves from being discriminated about the gay community. Something he is against especially at times like this.

"Hey baby!" he heard Yoochun shouted when he noticed Junsu's presence.


"Why didn't you tell me you were coming? I would've left some food for you, there's barely any food left." Yoochun frowns, forever the caring boyfriend.

"Just thought of giving you a surprise."

"Typical of you. Have you eaten?"

"By your charms yes." Junsu smiles at Yoochun playfully.

"Ugh! You've learnt too much from me."

"Now you know how I feel with your corny lines?"

"It irks me."


"But me doing it to you sounds better babe." Yoochun said with a smirk.

"Was there any kissing scenes back then?" ignoring Yoochun's last line.

"Are you seriously asking me this?"

"Of course, did noona touch you anywhere inappropriate?"


"You're my boyfriend, I have the right to know."

"Your jealousy is getting way out of hand."

"Because you get way too much fangirls and to add on, those ahjumma fans of yours!" Junsu whines and Yoochun look at him in scrutiny.

"I wonder how in the world was I able to stand you the past few months."

"My charisma. Now get back to the question, was there any kissing scenes?"

"Aish! NO!" Yoochun said before stomping off.

"Chunnnnn......" Junsu called out to him before tailing like a dog.

He had to keep begging and pleading Yoochun for her to forgive him but seriously how could Junsu not be worried? Yoochun's popularity have been sky rocketing as an actor lately and his face is plastered on a lot of billboards and commercials. He is proud of Yoochun but having to share him with the fans is one of the things that Junsu isn't entirely enthusiastic about . Worst is having to have the challenge to not be bothered of his boyfriend's increasing number of fangirls that not only he has to act with but also befriend. He was in a dilemma everytime Yoochun has to work with one. It is not that Junsu does not trust him, he just does not trust the ladies he is partnered with, even if Junsu was a fan of them.

The whole time as the crew finish packing, Junsu waited for Yoochun to change to his regular clothes before they head out together in the van he arrives in. Since their schedules rarely clash together, it is one of the few times that he actually enjoys being with his boyfriend. Though the time to meet him was short, he spend every minute of it as if it's the last. When they went their separate ways. Yoochun was sweet enough to give him a candy kiss before sending him off home. Thanks to that, Junsu forgot all about the argument earlier at the filming scene.

- - -

Junsu was sitting down watching random videos on his laptop with Jaejoong hyung and Junho hyung as well as Yoohwan when the MV of the rookie that Yoochun acted in came out. They watch together with him in excitement and tease Junsu about how Yoochun look dashing when he saw red. There WAS a kissing scene! His hyungs who were previously teasing him stopped and then dear Yoohwan decided to comment.

"That MV was good! I think the kissing scene fits the whole plot. Hyung looks so good in here." Yoohwan said.

Junsu did not bother to reply when he heard a smacking sound and someone in pain before he heads out of the room and grab his phone. Yoochun is so dead by the time he gets through with him. Dialling the familiar number, he waited for the phone to go through.

"Yoboseyo?" his boyfriend answered.

"YAH! PARK YOOCHUN!" he shouted.

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Aww Junsu, possessive much huh?hehehe Yoochun,just u wait till u are home, Jealous!Su is scary I told ya xD

hahaha. he wanted to stop su from being the jealous rant boyfriend on their date which of course there are consequences for preventing it.

thanks for the comment!

I rarely read a Yoosu fic where Junsu's the jealous one. This was cute. Thanks for sharing.

It's a pleasure to share. Thank you for commenting.

Didn't know the switch up of characters was rare but glad you liked it! :D

I need More of this.
I Liked Junsu's personality and how Yoocun and everybody else deal with it.
Can you make a continuation and tell us how Yoochun will save his own ass ?
Thank you <3

Edited at 2013-03-11 09:57 am (UTC)

I apologize though but I might not be able to complete that request since I'm currently busy with school and I have my exams coming. But you're welcome to use it as a base to continue. ^^ Sorry for disappointing you though. :(

jealous much Su? hohohoho
Junsu so cute >v

PUU! ^3^

just can't help an adorable Junsu being jealous. hee

Will you continue it????? Pretty please... *clasping hands*
I really like it...

Sorry dear but I doubt I can. I got my hands full with exam preparations till mid May so I'm just releasing one shots as a stres reliever for me. You can your version of continuation though. I won't mind. Sorry to disappoint. :(

LOL...possessive junsu xD
it's cuteeeee <333

^^ glad you love it dear! hahaha..

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