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Childish Arguments

Jongin was listening to some music when his best friend came in slamming the front door of the apartment they share. Probably another argument with Minji. Though it has been years since he knows his friend, it seems like the only person who could get Taemin to behave in such a way is none other than his dear girlfriend. Jongin doesn't even know why he bothers with his friend at all. Minji seems like a cool girl but apparently, it is too cool for Taemin to handle.

"Dude.. What's up?"

"Pshh that girl think she is all that huh? Arguing with me because she thinks she does popping better."

"Seriously? How old are you? 10?"

"What? She thinks she is all good when all she does is pop her body so hard then just add on that ero expressions. Anybody can do that!"

"You do realize that it is YOUR girlfriend you are talking about right?"


"You do know that she will be coming by through that door later right?"

"Don't remind me."

"I don't have to. You will be notified once she knocks on the door."

"Is this the way you treat your best friend?"

"No, but this is the way I treat my CHILDISH best friend."

"Why are you always on her side?"

"Then why aren't you?"

"Is that a trick question?"

"You do realize that you are a year older than me right? I may be your same age friend but you're still older! So behave like an adult!"

"There is a reason why we are best friends you know."

"I know and that is to get you into trouble."

"Thanks dude! That's nice of you!"


Just right after Jongin says that, the door knocks. It was the same repetitive knocks at first before it became frantic. To add on, Minji's voice was heard from outside. Though it sounded sweet, there was definitely venom hidden within it. Jongin gave a sign for Taemin to open the door but his friend chose to run to his room and close the door instead. Jongin could only sigh and walk lazily to the door. Opening it, Minji smiled at him and greeted him before he let her enter. Jongin doesn't have to do much except to point her to his friend's room instead to which Minji gave a sincere grateful smile.

The scene was not anything new, Taemin's childishness happens so frequently that Jongin toss it like any other daily problems. He went back to his seat as Minji approached Taemin's room. She entered and as usual, he heard voices are raised inside between them before Taemin walks out and face him again, leaving his girlfriend in his room.

"Who does she thinks she is, coming here and nags at me? She thinks she can tell me what to do?" Taemin grumbled while looking at his friend.

Before Jongin could say anything, he heard Minji shouts from his room, "LEE TAEMIN, COME BACK HERE!"

"I'M COMING!", Taemin looks at his friend with a frustrated look before stomping back into his room.

Jongin could only smirk. That was exactly what his friend has become since he was with Minji. From the cocky cool guy, his friend has downgraded to a mushy love sick puppy who is afraid of hurting his girlfriend's feelings. Not that he minds, his friend needs a little lesson from all those boastful comments he spurt out. Apparently. only his girlfriend can control him. Plugging in his headphones back on, Jongin blast out the music to drown the childish arguments of his best friend.