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After Midnight

Kai looked at her from afar, it was daytime and she was living her life like any other. Going to school, dancing, hanging out with her friends, go out with her boyfriend. Ah! Her boyfriend, that pretty boy supposedly goes by the name of Lee Taemin, of course as compared to himself, that boy is nothing except a pretty face but Kai could only look on as it was not his time yet to claim her. He watch her every move, from the moment she wakes up to every single waking moment she spends with the people around her. She doesn't know who he is but in time she will get to see him briefly before she becomes his, just time will tell.

As the sky turns dark, colours that proved the Earth's beauty turn bleak as red turns to grey and yellow turns to white, deceiving the eyes and doubting its daytime scenery. The chilling wind carries itself through the breeze in that cold winter as people scurry off home to warm themselves. Kai could only smirk as the weather for that night has never been even more perfect for him. As he descends from his hiding spot secretly, he walks down the empty hall towards a familiar place he have called his own. Entering the empty apartment, he waits in his spot for the girl that caught his attention. Gong Minji was her name.

He doesn't have to search for her to know her whereabouts, just her scent alone was able to get him to the places she have been to. That was more than enough information that he needed to know. In fact, Kai was never worried about Minji, since she is a girl with strong principles to know well enough how to lead a proper life. She was brought up in that manner anyway, nothing surprising at all. Taking a deep breathe to clear his senses, he focus on her scent alone to give himself a confirmation that she was returning home from a visit to the school library for some research papers. He smirks when he learnt of his intuition of her, waiting patiently for the only person he cared at the moment to walk through the front door.

Kai didn't have to wait long before she entered the quiet apartment. There was still that happy smile on her face from her outing and from the phonecall she was currently having, it was definitely Taemin. Blushing and laughing while joking around, that is her daily routine with her boyfriend. Nothing too extraordinary since they are still students. He patiently waits as she continues talking to Taemin while having her dinner then taking forever to put down the phone added on with endless giggling. After what seem like forever, she place the phone down and head to the showers. By then Kai knows, she will head to sleep soon and that is when he will approach her.

Just as he predicted, she dries her short hair and immediately laid on her bed while staring at her phone. It was then that he slowly approached her. It has been a routine for a month now and he knows that she felt his presence. The expression of fear and wary she had on everytime she felt him approaching every night gives him such pleasure. It comes with the job that he was given anyway and she is of no different from the others he have made his. Kai smirks as he notice Minji trying to convince herself for being delusional before closing her eyes to the world. That, is the moment that he 'attack' her.

Caressing her peacefully sleeping face, he eyes her beautiful features. Those alluring eyes that are hidden behind her purple coloured fringe are the ones that captivates him most when it's open but such vulnerability is portrayed when she shuts them. Kai then lightly brushed her cute define nose before moving on to her thick luscious lips. Who would have thought that this girl portray such sexiness behind her innocence and it is sad that he have to take it away. Not that it matters to him anyway, he was just doing his job. Slowly pulling apart those beautiful lips apart, Kai leaned down and place his lips against hers.

That was when he started sucking another small part of her life into him. There was only so little left of her to live and Kai knows that it will only take less than a week before her soul is being taken away. Yes, he was the resident Grim Reaper in the area and it was a job that he have been stuck with since he was made. It was just fortunate that he has the good looks given to him, though hidden behind those black hooded cloaks until the time comes for him to reveal himself. That revelation moments are the ones that are the most precious. That short moment when either fear or calmness takes over the being he was assigned to before they become lifeless. It is those feelings from them that kept him strong till current.

Sucking the soul out of mortal doesn't take long but he likes to linger around if the target attract enough of his attention without realizing it, like Minji for instance. Something about her kept him from moving to another mortal and to make his presence known, he entered her dream scape. A very delicate portal of dreams where he leaves his mark to get her guessing as he plays and control her mind but not enough to traumatize her. Satisfied that he gave her enough clues as a heads up on meeting him in the next days, he left her dream scape carefully.

Looking carefully at the life of the girl he was suppose to snatch, he couldn't help but caress her for the second time before leaving. It was pitiful that she have to leave the world early for reasons unknown to him but he has to do his job nonetheless. For the next few days before he suck the last few bits of her soul, he would keep watching her and visit her again when she sleeps. Till the day he momentarily reveals himself to her before taking her life, he shall leave it to her imagination on what he had made appeared in her dreams. The appearance of Kai as Death.