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Lunch Break

Minji was preparing a meal for Junhong when Jongin came into the kitchen, dressed but hair still wet from the showers. He kissed their 5 year old son on the cheeks and does the same to her before giving her a helping hand. When they were done making breakfast, Minji took her turn to shower as Jongin dress Junhong up as well to send him to their parents place. It was a routine they have been doing for years, even before their marriage. Something they have to get use to by being educators to the future generations of Seoul.

After dropping Junhong off at their parent's home, they both head to Seoul High School where they are both working. It was all a quiet affair especially since the stress of exams is already piling on their shoulders with endless revisions and tests in preparations for the final year. Not only do they have to worry about the assignments that the student hands in, but also the grades that the students portrays. The percentage of passes are maintained around the same digit each year and they could not afford to drop it or face the consequence from the school's principle.

Aside from the school stress that they are both burdened with, they too still have to care about their son's well being. It was definitely a tough position to be a young working parents what more for a lady who has a career. After work, she still has to deal with the family's well being but thank goodness for the understanding and helpful husband or she would have died trying to balance both her family and career. To add on, Junhong can be a little fussy when it comes to sleeping. He was rebellion at first when both Minji and Jongin had to send him over to their parents to care for him but he got used to it.

The only thing that becomes a habit to him is sleeping at night. He will only be able to sleep peacefully at the presence and scent of his both Minji and Jongin so even if they are dead tired from work, they would still have to pick up their son and ensure that he sleeps well. They do try to remind each other how important it is to be a part of their son's childhoood so even if they are unable to spend time together as a family due to work, at least one of them will remain in contact with their son to keep their family bond strong.

All that aside, Minji just ended her first half of the schedule for the day and she heads to the teacher's office in a deep sigh for her hour lunch break. Slumping her body into her chair, she took a deep breathe before taking out the remaining assignments of her students that she have yet to vet through. Then she have to think of the revision topics that she has to prepare for the students in the following few weeks to get them to do well in their final papers. It was definitely one of the few busy months that she never looks forward to at the end of each year. As she continue looking through her student's assignment, she didn't notice her husband's presence until Jongin pokes her.

"Jagiya, have you eaten?"

"Anniyo, I have yet to complete these assignments to return back to the students."

"Leave them first, let's go eat!"

"Andwe! I need to return them in 2 days time before the revision starts!"

"I'll help you with that when we get home, come let's go eat."

"Jongin, you know how important this....." Minji got cut off as her husband snatch her bag and hold her wrist before dragging her out of the office.

"You could have let me have my say you know." Minji pouts while putting on her seatbelt.

"You blabber too much nonsense and plus, I'm hungry!" Jongin said as he started the engine and drove off to the small ramen stall that both of them likes.

Their ordered their usual dish of ramen but since it was lunch break, there were many other people there and it was so crowded that they barely had peace to eat. So after a mere 15 minutes, they finished their filling meal and head out for a walk around the area. However, Minji had no idea what got into her but she was still hungry, probably the stress was starting to keep up with her again. She dragged her husband to a nearby vendor and bought herself two french fry corn dogs. She happily ate them both without offering any to Jongin but it's not like it matters anyway, her husband is too full from the ramen in the first place.

They walk for awhile longer before Jongin decides that it is time for them to head back to school for the second half of the lessons but just as he was halfway down to the school, Minji demanded that he made a right turn from the lane they were in to head to a fast food drive in. Jongin could only look at her in disbelief as they wait for their turn to make an order.

"Seriously? What's gotten into you and you were the one protesting to not go for lunch earlier." Jongin said moving the car following the queue.

"I can't help it, I'm starving, I don't even remember sitting down for a proper breakfast either."

"How about the time when me and Junhong prepared you a feast in bed huh?"

"That was on Mother's Day, A YEAR ago!" Minji rolled her eyes.

"Really? Wow! Time flies!" Jongin says as he looks at his watch.

Just as she was about to retort, it was already their turn to make an order. She didn't order much, just an double cheeseburger with large fries and huge cup of coke to go with it. To add on, she also ordered a bowl of chicken salad and apple pie. Satisfied with her order, they were told to move to the counter to collect their food but apparently, her husband just stares at her the whole time while moving the car slowly.

"What?" Minji asked with nonchalance.

"By any chance you're not......." Jongin gave her a side glance.

"Oh no you don't Mr.! I'm just hungry, not pregnant"

"At least I've tried."

"You've asked me that for the past few years despite knowing the real reason why."

"At least with Junhong it wasn't."

"What are you trying to hint at?"

"That he needs siblings? He has been growing up alone for 5 lonely years babe."

"Then YOU get pregnant!"

"Hey! Where's the joy in that?"

Minji ignored him as they collect her food and head to the school. Though her husband kept blabbering about wanting a second child, she walks out of the car with her food ignoring her blabbering husband as she prepares for the next class. He will get it from her when they are home later, for now, she needs to focus on her hunger as well as the exam for her students. Ahh... Life...