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Minji just returned home from visiting her grandaunt's grave to pray for her and also tell her on how she has been doing with her husband so far. Life has been great though they had their ups and downs together but Jongin has been nothing but a wonderful husband when he can despite their petty arguments. She stepped into their living room as she wobble a little from the weight of the child she is carrying in her. It has been almost 9 months since she was pregnant, thank goodness her wonderful journey throughout her pregnancy have been smooth sailing except her mood swings that Jongin can barely even stand at times.

Walking carefully towards the counter in the kitchen, she smile as she saw the food that Kyungsoo oppa prepared for her as per demanded by her forever hopelessly sweet husband. However just as she was about to step into the kitchen to take a bite, a loud 'pop' sound could be heard and the next thing she knew, her water broke. It wasn't so bad as she thought it would as the water only trickle bit by bit with cramps just like how it would like for any other period month. The only problem is she is unable to control the water coming out of her. She tried to control her breathings just as she was taught as well to stop the endless water from dripping but it wasn't of any help so she decides to go to the bathroom near the kitchen to prevent the water from dripping on their apartment floor.

This is the first child they both are having and she is trying to calm herself down as she tries to recall the lessons that was taught about pregnancy during her first few weeks of maternity. It was like God's call when the front door opens and the voice of her husband filled the apartment they reside in. She immediately called out to him urgently as she heard Jongin running towards the door of the bathroom she is in. Looking at him as calmly as she could, she told him her water broke and suddenly, it was as if it was a reverse of situation happened. The sight of husband's face that was suddenly filled with concern earlier became even more scrunched up as he starts walking around not knowing what to do. Apparently, she was the one who had to instruct him to get the towels to prevent the drippings of water to be all over the place.

She rolled her eyes as she saw Jongin run around the house to get the items they need, this was the same man who confidently told her that he will know what to do when the time comes for her labour a few months ago and look at how panicky he is now. Sighing in disbelief, she told him to prepare the car at the lobby of their apartment building so it would be easier for her to get to the hospital while she slowly walks out from the bathroom with the towel her husband provided earlier. Just as she push to him all the bags that they have prepared in case she is to go into labour, she saw her husband standing still as he look at her worried.

She return the look in disbelief that he is not moving his butt from the position when she suddenly recalled that her husband have not gotten his driving license. She sighed for the umpteenth time and did a facepalm at how she forgets she have, about the situation with her husband. Taking a deep breathe to calm herself down from pulling her husbands hair, she told him to help her to get to the carpark instead. Seems like not only she has to remember the things she is required to do during her water break but apparently, she even have to drive both of them to the hospital! Who in the world is getting pregnant here? Calling a cab is hopeless as well since it is the peak period and the jam is probably one of the worst to deal with at this moment.

Getting into the driver's seat and hurrying her husband to throw the bags at the back seat, she drove as fast as she could to the hospital that they frequent for her check ups. Thank goodness out of all this chaos, Jongin made the right choice by choosing a private hospital which is just a mere 15 minute drive from their apartment thus, they are able to avoid the crazy traffic jam. Reaching the car park, she left Jongin to gather her stuff and lock the car as she slowly walks to the carpark lift. Waiting for the lift took forever as she felt the towel she was using earlier damped. As she heard her struggling husband following behind her, she harshly took a dry one from him to replace the wet towel as they head to the lobby of the hospital.

Thank goodness for the nurses who recognize her and immediately place her in a wheelchair and gave her clothes to change into. By the time she got changed and was wheeled towards her bed, she saw Jongin rushing towards her feeling apologetic about his lack of calmness during the crazy trip earlier from home. Although Minji had the thought of strangling him, all that thoughts disappeared when she saw how her husband was. She knew him inside out to know that he feels hopeless and useless of himself for not able to be a good husband that has to be nagged at during her critical time, so she did what she does best as a wife. Holding onto his hand towards her belly while the other caress his cheeks, she ensured him that he was a great husband to her and how he will also be a great dad to their kid.

While going into labour for her normal delivery of the baby, she half expects Jongin to actually faint after what he expressed earlier during the news of her water breaking but thankfully he proved her wrong by being the supportive husband and great motivator during her delivery, wiping her perspiration and kissing her whenever she gets tired of pushing. Though it was tough experience having to push the baby out of her, Jongin gave her so much strength to keep going till their baby finally pops out. The pain of pushing suddenly disappeared the moment she heard the baby cries. Nothing can ever overcome that feeling of delivering their baby into the world.

All the sufferings they had earlier all forgotten as her baby boy was cleaned and brought to her husband to carry. Just the sight of Jongin carrying the baby and cooing at their baby boy was so sweet that she almost tear in happiness. As her husband brought their child towards her, she can't help but be amazed that the child she is holding. As they stare lovingly at their baby together, Jongin told her of their plans to have more children but Minji suddenly wiped the her happiness off her face as she replace them with a serious expression. She grit her teeth and hissed at him in frustration to get a driver's license first before getting her pregnant again. She doesn't want to be the one behind the wheels again even though the hospital may be near their apartment. She knew that threatening her husband is the only way and after he agreed hesitantly with a promise, only then she smile and give him a peck on his cheeks as they continue being awed at their son.