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To Your Rescue

A/N: I've been a fan of CSI: NY since forever and the season was ending so I could not help but write down one of my most favourite scene as a Yoosu story. It's an exact replica of the plot except it is written only in one's pov and there are some changes I made accordingly. It's not as good as intended and I apologise if I disappoint.

Detective Yoohun drove into the empty warehouse outside of Seoul as instructed alone. Walking out of his car, he met face to face with Junsu's kidnapper. He was here to trade his boyfriend for their gang leader that they captured since 2 days ago due to a deal that involves diamonds was worth a couple of millions at hand. Though his heart was beating fast in hopes to see his boyfriend, he took a deep breathe while walking towards the bastard. Their steps towards each other was heavy and cautious but his eyes never left the kidnapper's face.

"You come alone?" the man asked.

"Show me Junsu." Yoochun said calmly.

"Where's Ji Hoon?" the kidnapper ask looking at the car that Yoochun drove in before looking at him again.

Yoochun took the car keys from his pocket and press on the button to open the boot of his car. Inside laid Ji Hoon beaten up and tied as his mouth was clenched shut with a tape. Yoochun saw the kidnapper's face look at him in anger but since he have not seen any traces of his boyfriend, he shuts the boot of the car and kept the keys back into his pocket.

"Now let me see Junsu." Yoochun asked calmly again.

"First get Ji Hoon out and hand him over, then I will tell you where your boyfriend is being held."

Yoochun knows where this is going so he took out his Stainless Kahr K9 that was hanging at his belt just as immediately as the kidnapper does the same to his weapon. They point the gun at each other before Yoochun replied.

"Change of plans. We're gonna go get my boyfriend together or I'm going to shoot you dead right now." Yoochun threatened.

Right after he said those words, another man jumped out of the van that the kidnapper was driving with a gun and Yoochun shot at him point blank before shooting the arm of the negotiator that was holding onto the gun. Walking towards the man who laid on the floor while holding onto his shot arm in pain, Yoochun kicked the gun away to prevent the kidnapper from doing anything rash while still holding on to his gun at the head of the latter.

"Where is he?"

"Go to hell! You think I will tell you after what you did?!" the kidnapper spat at Yoochun.

"That's it! I gave you a chance and this is what you do? I'm tired of playing your games. Let's play one of mine shall we?" Yoochun said as he kept his K9 back into it's place and took out his Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 Revolver he kept at his right leg.

Yoochun took out all 6 ammunitions and threw 5 of them on the floor as he took the remaining bullet and show it to the kidnapper before placing it back into the cylinder of the revolver and rotating it. The kidnapper doesn't want to tell him where his Junsu was, fine, he'll play Russian Roulette until the man decides to burst the bubble. Cocking the hammer, the cylinder revolves to align to the next chamber of ammunition.

"Let's see how far you are willing to go." Yoochun said vengefully while firing.

There was no bullet in the first round but the kidnapper was started to panic. So what if the kidnapper did that, as long as no information of his boyfriend was given, he will continue to do so.

"Hey... hey..." the kidnapper said in shakily.

Yoochun cock the hammer again and said, "Tell me when you had enough," before he fired. Again there was no bullets released.

"Hey... please...." the kidnapper begged.

"Where's Junsu?" Yoochun asked again but the kidnapper stayed silent.

Pulling the hammer again, Yoochun fired and he saw the guy trying to cover himself before surrendering, "I'll take you to him!!! I'LL TAKE YOU TO HIM!" the guy begged.

"Alright, Get up!" Yoochun demanded and when the guy did, he pushed him roughly against his car and checked his body for any other weapons before pushing him into the passenger seat.

"Now tell me the directions properly and tell it well. You screw this, I'll make sure that you will never make use of that injured arm of yours ever again." Yoochun threatened as they drove out of the warehouse.

After following the given directions, they stopped by an empty apartment building, "How many men are holding him?" Yoochun asked.

"Just one."


"At the back of the building."

"What's his name?"


"Say his real name!" Yoochun barked.

"Choi Seunghyun."

To ensure that the man was not lying, Yoochun took the phone from his pocket and scroll through the contacts till he found TOP. He called the number and while it was ringing, Yoochun demanded the man to tell TOP to bring Junsu outside while pointing his K9 at the kidnapper's head to prevent him from giving other instructions. Just to be extra cautious, Yoochun informed him calmly that his K9 is full of bullets enough to get him and his friend killed. The kidnapper just looked at Yoochun while the phone rings but after some time, nobody picked up and it went to voice message instead.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know." the kidnapper look at Yoochun scared.

"Alright then, let's go in together." Yoochun said while releasing the safety belt for the kidnapper, still pointing his gun at him, "try to run away and I will shoot both your legs. Don't mess with me." Yoochun threaten before going out of the car.

As he goes around the front of the car to open the door for the kidnapper, Yoochun pressed the tracking device in his pocket to get his team to come to him as back up. Once he got the kidnapper out, he holds onto the kidnapper's handcuffed hands, pushing him forward to lead the way while pointing the gun at his back. They walked deep into the empty building that Yoochun almost lost track of how many floors they have gone in the dark until they have reached the location where he saw TOP sitting outside a metal door.

Yoochun brought the kidnapper to the side of the door and handcuffed him to a pole before hiding and pointing the gun at his head to bring his boyfriend out. He heard the man gave instructions to TOP to bring Junsu out and while TOP was opening the door, Yoochun walked into the hideout when he heard the man he handcuffed gave TOP a warning.

"Tabi, behind you!"

TOP turned and Yoochun fought with him before he manage to take over and handcuffed him just like Yoochun did to his friend. Opening the door, Yoochun saw Junsu's hand is being tied with a security tag and his mouth was stuffed with a cloth. Running towards him, Yoochun untied the cloth from the mouth and cut open the security tag with his pocket knife.

Hugging Junsu tightly, Yoochun heard his team barging into the apartment building. As Junsu cries in his arms from an overwhelm of emotions from the past few days of trauma, he held onto Junsu ensuring him that he is safe and that Yoochun knew this time around, he will be the one to fully give his care and concern towards Junsu just like he did for him when Yoochun needed him most during his downfall, be it with his job or the death of his dad. As his team does the work for him in the building especially the kidnappers, he focus his all on his Junsu.

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oh thanks god Yoochun found duckbutt alive =D

hahaha.. I guess I didn't write the plot out that good.. it's one of my disappointing one shots if I might say..

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