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Yoochun felt the sun warming up his face and the rays that were seeping brightly through his closed eye made him turn away from the direction of his window. Breathing in the fresh morning air, he knew that he could not get back into that deep sleep anymore but he too can't open his eyelids as they are too heavy from sleep. Sighing, he closed his eyes a while longer until he felt a slight movement beside him. Thinking that it was his one night stand, he pulled the smaller body closer to him as he felt her short hair leaning comfortably on his naked chest as her soft and warm hands encircling his waist.

Turning his body away from the bright sun, he place his legs on top of hers to snuggle closer as he smiled but something about the person he is hugging seems familiar. The body was definitely smaller but it was more of a man rather than a woman. Not that he mind since he swings both ways but there was something about the person's smell that seems to awaken his senses. The fruity scent that he was very much attune to, seems to belong to someone very close to him. Forgetting his drowsiness from sleep, he opened his eyes almost immediately staring at a short bright red hair that he knew all too well.

But opening his eyes so fast was a huge mistake as his head was suddenly pounding so hard that his immediate reaction was to sit from his sleeping position and grab it hoping for the pain to stop. He must have had one too many drinks yesterday, that was the only conclusion he could come out with at the moment. Still grabbing his head in pain, suddenly he felt the soft hands of his best friend rubbing his bare back and his husky morning voice filled the once quiet room. Somehow, he realized that his action helps soothe the pain a little.

"Hey, you're awake?" he said with a yawn but Yoochun was still in pain to reply him.

"I'll go make you some warm honey lemon water." Junsu said while stretching himself.

Before he heads out of the room, Yoochun told him, "Just get me some aspirin beside the fridge."

"No! You rely on it too much with your frequent hangovers. I'm gonna make you that drink and you're not stopping me." Junsu said with finality before dragging his sleepy body out of the room.

Not long after he left, Junsu came back but Yoochun was still in the same position that he was before. The younger man approached him and only then Yoochun noticed that his friend was fully dressed but he was the only one in his boxes. Only then he realized that Junsu was a walking seductor. He was dress simply in just a pair of black skinnies and a fitting white v-neck t-shirt but that already turned Yoochun on as Junsu walk towards him. Those clothes hug Junsu's petite body and full butt so well that it is tormenting his libido along with the bloody hangover.

Exactly what happened between them yesterday? He is curious but first, he needs to rid of this damn headache before he goes into his sherlock mode.

Not that Yoochun dislikes Junsu in anyway. His best friend has been paying attention to his dressing and body since his solo debut and apparently, so much sexiness ooze out of it that one can't help but be seduced. Yoochun admits that he is charming and sexy in his own innocent way. It's not like they have not slept together on the same bed before but that was when they were trainees or even during photoshoots. Now that they are older, they just have meals outside or watching movies at home together but nothing as intimate as sleeping on the same bed since they've hit puberty. It was definitely waking up his sleeping hormones just at the feel of Junsu's toned body in his arms earlier before he knew that shocking revelation.

It doesn't help that while he was trying to clear his head and rid of his raging hormones, Junsu decides to torture him more by touching his bare torso. Rubbing his lower back in circles as he nags softly for his drinking habits and weekly one night stands. Somehow, amidst all that, he indirectly learned that they did not have sex and a part of him was glad as he does not want them to get awkward with each other. Another reason was that he does not want his precious best friend to be degraded to that level since Junsu still has that pure innocent side to him.

After rubbing his lower back, Junsu made him lay flat on the bed while he told him to wait awhile longer since he was still boiling the water to make the drink for Yoochun. It was only at that moment that Yoochun realized how handsome Junsu was as the younger man bend over to cover him in blanket, the sun that seep through his window shined on his head like a halo and he look nothing less than angelic. When he was about to head out to check on the water, Yoochun pulled his wrist to get his attention. It was when he looked at him worriedly with a small pout - still with that halo thanks to the sun - that Yoochun lost it.

Yoochun pulled Junsu hard towards him as the younger man fell sprawled on top of him. Not giving Junsu a chance to get away, he almost immediately roll his best friend over below him as he pinned Junsu on his bed. Suddenly, without Yoochun realizing he looked at Junsu with much adoration and lust that he slowly leaned himself towards his lips. He was expecting himself to ravage and suck Junsu's lips just like he did with his other one night stands but he himself got a shock when all he did was to give his friend a soft kiss .

Junsu look at him with wide eyes as his once rigid body suddenly went limp against Yoochun's hold. When realization hit Yoochun for his action, he almost immediately blushed, and let go of the wrists he held earlier. Somehow, the next thing he felt was Junsu's soft hands holding his cheeks gently as he look at him in confusion. However, the hands that hold his cheeks slowly moved towards his neck as his best friend pulled Yoochun towards him into another bunch of soft kisses. Eventually, it became a make out session as Yoochun rubbed his hands all around Junsu's clothed body.

They were making out for so long that they got a shock and jumped from each other when they heard the loud whistling of the kettle in the kitchen. Yoochun saw the flushed Junsu panting hard with his bruised lips from their kissing that suddenly Yoochun felt that he was partly cured of his headache. Feeling blissful from the foreign exchange between them, he unconsciously flirt with Junsu out of his frequent habit.

Leaning against Junsu's forehead, he lazily said, "You know, you can forget the tea. I think making out with you cured the headache a little."

"Yeah right." Junsu said before smacking his arm.

"Let's do this again." Yoochun said as he lean closer to Junsu's lips closing his eyes in the process.

However, the next thing he got was Junsu's soft hands being the obstacle of their lips before he push his head away, HARD!

"Greaseball!" he said before getting out of bed.

Yoochun laughed as he watch Junsu's blushing face heading out of the room to make him the drink. He never knew that he had those feelings for his best friend. Somehow, just by what he experienced intimately with Junsu earlier, he felt that his friend was like an cure to his hangover with the simple gestures and soft kisses given to him. Something he had never encountered before. Though they still need to get use to what they just did today, he felt that it will blossom into something more. Even if it didn't, he will ensure that it happens.

In the meantime, he needs all the excuses he can get to win over the bunch of people Junsu have unconditionally seduced with his new image. It makes it even more easier between them since they live in the same apartment. After all, he has the upper hand since he already stole Junsu's first kiss from a man. Yoochun smiled to himself as he wait for Junsu to come in with his drink before he ravage the younger man's swollen lips again.

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"Let's do this again" whoooaaaa I was like "yes!yes!yes!let's do it" muahahahaha

hahahaha.. got you all excited huh?

Yoochun being the greaseball he is.. and Junsu.. well.. just being the shy Junsu.. hahaha

so yoochun left his worldly life ... it took him long time, but in the end he realized his true feeling ~~ I like the story :)

it just took a simple day of suffering a hangover to realize his love for junsu. ^^ thank you!

And here I was expecting smut, but to be honest, I like this better than smut. :)

It was meant to be smut initially but I thought it will be great if I could twist it a bit to make it lovable.. ^^

thank you! :D

this was really cute!
thank you for sharing!

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

sweet >v< no one can resist sexy Junsu.. haha
and this one deserve a smuty smuty sequel unnie. lol xp

hahaha.. I doubt I can think of any right now as sequel though.. Maybe I will look through again after my exams in May.. hahaha. If I do write as sequel. I'll link back. *wink*

enjoyable read :D

Well I'm no longer depressed, somehow. thank you for sharing this

wow! I'm honored to hear that you feel better after reading.

you're welcome. I'm glad I could share and ease you from your tough time. but also thank you for dropping by and comment as well. :)

AHSHDBHSHA it's soooo sweet!
sexy junsu is sexyyy ~
I keep imagining those sweet kisses ~

thanks for sharing this !

hahaha. can't let go of them being sweet to one another right. ^^ they are just too perfect tgt. :)

This is cute and sweet. I just love it! :D

^^ thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading them. :)

So sweet. Don't worry yoochun. I'm pretty sure junsu has already fallen for your charms so no need to fear other people who junsu has seduced unknowingly.

^^ waking up to the sweet seduction of his best friend. at least now, he has a purpose to stop his bad habits or at least he have found a cure for it. ^^

gosh if only I had someone that sexy after a hangover... lol

go for him Yoochun! lol


lol lol.. you are imagining it yourself aren't you unni?! hahahaha..

i can't.. i doubt my brain can even handle the aftermath of their relationship.. lol!

AWWWW that's just really sweet!

^^ a good way to have a hangover. a cure plus a new boyfriend. keke..

Ahaha!! I was expecting a smut too!! I kinda like this kind of fic too where best friend fallen in love! Hee hee~ this nice!

thank you for reading and loving it!

haha.. it was close to smut but it's a tease.. kekeke..

sweet surprise in the end. ^^

Omg this is SOOO sweet I'm rereading this again! Thanks love! ❤️

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